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How often do I need my chimney sweeping?

If you use traditional stoves and wood-burning fires in your home chimney sweeping is essential. How often you will require a chimney sweep depends entirely on what you burn, and how often you use your stove. The appliance you use, duration of use, moisture content of wood fuel and the type of chimney also affect how often you will require a sweep.

Frequency guidelines:

Smokeless fuel – At least once a year

Wood – Quarterly when in use

Bituminous coal – Quarterly when in use

Oil – Once a year

Gas – Once a year

Can I burn any type of wood?

We recommend you only burn HETAS approved fuel which displays the Burn-right logo. This logo means there is less than 20% moisture content in the wood. Visit Burn-right website

Should I be worried about carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide does not smell so is not easily detectable. If you have a fire you should have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. Regular chimney sweeping, combined with the correct user operation of your appliance and use of approved fuel all help reduce the risk of creating this gas. For further information please read the HETAS Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide

Do I need to cover anything up before the sweep?

No, leave it all to us! If you could just clear the hearth and mantle, and keep a clear run for the vacuum that would be great.

Is Supersweep the cheapest?

We don’t aim to be the cheapest due to the investment in training, equipment and professional memberships. We offer an exceptional service, which we believe is really good value for money.

Do you offer flexible payment methods?

We accept all major debit and credit cards, contactless payments and cash.

How long will it take to sweep?

It will usually be done within the hour. However, if there is a blockage or other problem identified it may take longer.

If I need new glass, rope or the flue pipe resealing can it be done at the same appointment?

When possible servicing and maintenance will be done during the sweep appointment It may be necessary to book another appointment if the parts are not in stock.

If your chimney is a sooty sight, Super Sweep will put it right.

Elliott Super Sweep Chimney Service
Elliott Super Sweep Chimney Service

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